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<br/>Version 1.2.9  <ul> <li> * Visual Composer plugin update.</li><liv>* Improvement for WordPress 3.9</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.2.8  <ul> <li> * Visual Composer plugin update.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.2.7 <ul> <li> * Management panel improvements on firefox and safari.</li> </ul> <br/>Version 1.2.6 <ul> <li> * Shortcode CSS update</li></ul><br/> <br/>Version 1.2.5 <ul> <li> * Visual Composer plugin update.</li><li> * Added related posts option for blog style 1 block at homepage.</li></ul><br/> <br/>Version 1.2.4 <ul> <li> * Visual Composer plugin update.</li><li> * WordPress 3.8 compatibility.</li></ul><br/> <br/>Version 1.2.3  <ul> <li>* Visual Composer plugin update!</li> <li>*  Management panel contact info update.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.2.2  <ul> <li> * Added option to remove duplicate posts from homepage.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.2.1  <ul> <li> * Lightbox gallery bugfix.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.2.0  <ul> <li> * Gallery bugfix.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.9  <ul> <li> * Added new homepage template.</li><li> * Added link to post image.</li><li> * Visual Composer plugin update.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.7  <ul> <li> * Fixed default and our custom video shortcode conflict.</li><li> * Added reviews system!</li><li> * Added related articles in single post views.</li><li> * Added new texture.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.6  <ul> <li> * Visual Composer plugin update.</li><li> * Shortcode bugfix.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.5  <ul> <li> * Slider supports subcateofires.</li><li> * Font Resizer bug fix.</li><li> * Social share button bug fix.</li><li> * Edited some default themes texts.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.4  <ul> <li> * Font size option bug fix.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.3  <ul> <li> * Menu bug fix.</li><li> * Image bug fix on phone view.</li><li> * Visual Composer plugin update</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.2  <ul> <li> * Menu bug fix on phone view</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.1  <ul> <li>* Visual Composer plugin update. </li><li>* Added about author box under single post.</li><li>* Added option to change/remove header background image</li><li>* Added option auto start to breaking news slider</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.1.0  <ul> <li>* Visual Composer plugin update. </li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.0.9  <ul> <li>* Homepage block drag&drop bug fix.</li> <li>* Homepage block count changing option bug fix.</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.0.8  <ul> <li>* BUG FIX! WordPress 3.6 compatible – Management panel active tab position memory after option save. After update clear your browser cache to take a effect!</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.0.7  <ul> <li>* Visual Composer plugin update. </li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.0.6  <ul> <li>* WordPress 3.6 compatible – shortcode bug fix!</li></ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.0.3  <ul> <li>*Fixed google font bug!</li><li>*Added “Back to top” button on mobile view!</li><li>* Updated visual composer plugin!</li> </ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.0.2 <ul> <li>*Added New homepage bock!</li><li>*Added Fixed Menu Option!</li> </ul><br/><br/> <br/>Version 1.0.1 <ul> <li>*Fixed menu and layout bugs.</li> </ul><br/><br/> Version 1.0.0 <ul> <li>*Initial release.</li> </ul>

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